Technology for Optimal Learning


Leadership team members at K-12 and higher ed institutions make daily decisions that affect their students; technology is no exception. Hudson Technology Partners can help your team evaluate the technology that will maximize learning outcomes. Whether your school is renovating, expanding, or building new, we stand ready to come alongside of your team to assist.

In addition, we are providing educational facilities with the most up-to-date COVID-19 tools to assist with screening and adapting your buildings for maximum safety.

Our services include:

  • Move-in Ready Networking and Cabling Infrastructure
  • Passive Optical LAN /GPON “fiber to the desktop” infrastructure
  • Phone Systems, including all top-rated Hosted Voice / VoIP UCaaS solutions
  • Campus-wide WiFi Solutions
  • Internet Circuit Procurement – Fiber and Coax - All Carriers
  • POTS and POTS Line Replacement
  • IP Cameras, Digital Signage, Intercom, Sound Masking, Video Walls
  • Building Automation and Energy Management
  • Physical Security/Safety/Access Control Solutions
  • Mobile Phone Expense Management Services

Workplace Access and COVID-19 Safety :

  • Thermal Imaging Kiosks to detect temperature threshold
  • Mask Detection and Facial Recognition for screened, safe entry
  • Physical Security – integrate screening devices with door access control
  • Digital Signage for Wayfinding
  • Workplace Occupancy Detection
  • Wearables for COVID Early Detection Monitoring and Integrated Contact Tracing