Meeting and Surpassing Guest Expectations

Maximize Occupancy with Smart Technology Choices

The hospitality industry relies greatly on technology that is cutting edge as well as cost efficient. As owners and developers of hotel assets build or renovate their properties, we help them decide on technology that will enhance the guest experience and satisfy their employees. Our clients include brands and independent hotels across the U.S. and beyond. Whether you are developing a new building, restoring a historic site (adaptive reuse), or renovating and upgrading an existing property, we can deliver a comprehensive array of services that are brand-approved, including Marriott.

Our services include:

  • Passive Optical LAN – "fiber to the guest room" GPON Infrastructure
  • Phone Systems – On Premise and Hosted Voice/VoIP, all leading providers
  • HSIA (High Speed Internet Access/WiFi) – all brand-approved providers
  • IoT Solutions, including Employee Wearables for safety
  • Distributed Antenna Systems and Emergency Responder Systems
  • Internet Circuit Procurement – Fiber and Coax - All Carriers
  • PCI Compliant Solutions
  • Streaming IPTV
  • POTS and POTS Line Replacement
  • Door Access, IP Cameras, Digital Signage, Building Automation, Audio/Visual
  • Temporary Construction Needs