XaaS is appealing to businesses for its ability to offer real-time feedback from customers.

3 Ways XaaS Is Changing IT and Business

Anything as a service, or XaaS, is a shift in how IT is managed by businesses and the approach that technology companies are taking to meeting company needs. Most companies were introduced to the as-a-service option through cloud solutions offered as software as a service, and the shift demonstrates how companies are shifting away from buying a specific technology product in a box.

Instead, business executives are making decisions about the goals they want to pursue and the technology that they want to use to support those goals. With benefits like scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, cloud solutions are an attractive upgrade from on-site solutions that require capital investments.

XaaS allows for integrated technology architectures that support goals around customer experiences. For instance, integrated XaaS might be virtualized networking solutions that allow for both fast cloud application onboarding and traffic prioritization of transmissions that involve customer interactions.

The use of an always-connected approach through XaaS has changed not only how customers interact with the companies they do business with, but also the company’s approach to its customers. In an ongoing cycle, XaaS ensures that from their first interaction, the customer is connected to the company, the company is monitoring how the customer is interacting with its site and its products, and the company is able to respond to those activities, thus improving the customer experience.

There are three areas in which XaaS is changing both IT and business:

Company Involvement: The software client expects that their needs will be considered in the design of the solution and that they will be able to have a collaborative relationship with their customers. They need access to real-time data and analytics that allows them to respond in a timely fashion to customer requirements and preferences.

Ongoing Improvement: Companies are looking for long-term partnerships with technology providers, but they want to know that the provider shares some aspects of their company culture. Central to the relationship is whether the partnership includes similar approaches to aspects like security, future-proofing business investments, and frequently updating technology features.

Heightened Engagement: Both between the technology provider and the company, as well as the company and its customers, there is an ongoing higher level of engagement to ensure that needs are being met. Those companies accustomed to boxing and selling a complete product may struggle to adjust to the new reality of XaaS, where meeting goals and needs of the company and end customer are what’s being sold.

If your company is beginning to adopt a mindset of anything as a service, it’s important to partner with technology providers that understand your goals surrounding productivity improvement, cost savings, reducing downtime, and ultimately supporting an unparalleled customer experience.

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