Cyber security in the hybrid cloud environment has never been more important.

Hybrid Cloud Visibility: Staying Ahead of Cyber Criminals

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for organizations and their management of hardware and software for effectively handling the daily workflow. Most companies have a mixture of IT environment types from private to public clouds to on-premise solutions. Today, the hybrid cloud is not only helping to streamline workflows, but also addressing cyber security issues. Gartner’s […]

Companies are discovering the benefits of a hybrid workforce, but there are productivity challenges.

Hybrid Workforce and Cyber Security: Why Two Conversations Are Shaping Business Technology

As you shape your technology budgets for the coming years, it can be challenging to know where to prioritize spending. For instance, will an investment in a communications upgrade to a cloud-based solution bring you the most return or is it time to focus on ramping up infrastructure? You may have noticed that there are […]

The LAN has seen an influx in the number of devices due to IoT, making security more challenging.

Securing the LAN in the Age of IoT

The internet of things (IoT) continues to grow as more and more devices are equipped with sensors, cameras, and other technology designed to streamline and automate processes. With the growing number of devices accessing the local area network (LAN), network security teams are forced to address vulnerabilities that come with this aspect of digital transformation. […]

IT security faced new challenges during the pandemic but also experienced improved morale among teams.

The Post-Pandemic State of IT Security

It’s no surprise that IT security teams were at the center of the action as companies swiftly moved employees to remote offices. Even after the initial rush to provide secure network access to teams, cyber security strategies needed longer-term solutions to protect assets from new types of attacks targeting the unique vulnerabilities occurring with a […]

With no budget for a dedicated security team, many CIOs and CTOs are overseeing cloud security.

4 Best Practices for Cloud Security

Companies know that cyber security is a priority and that the lack of a strategy that includes protections around cloud security is a dangerous move. Without the budget to support a dedicated security team or chief information security officer (CISO), many companies are tasking their chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs) with […]

Cyber resilience accepts some level of chaos in the workplace but seeks to secure critical assets.

How to Achieve Cyber Resilience

Cyber security events hit the headlines on almost a daily basis. Companies know that in an increasingly cloud-centered technology market, they have to keep security prioritized in every investment. But the conversation is beginning to shift to cyber resilience. Defining Cyber Resilience The core of cyber resilience is an understanding that cyber security isn’t an […]

Cyber security considerations include planning more training for your staff.

4 Cyber Security Pitfalls Your Team Should Avoid

As your team identifies areas that are ideal for shifting to the cloud, either because of cost or productivity or both, these changes come with critical cyber security considerations. Each time your organization chooses a new cloud provider or downloads another cloud app, your security plan changes. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid cloud […]