Disaster recovery and business continuity play heavily into a cyber resilience strategy.

Rethinking Your Approach to Cyber Resilience

If you’ve been putting any focus of late on your cyber resilience strategy, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) has surely come to the forefront. Don’t get stuck in old patterns, because the approach to BCDR solutions has evolved.

One major example of change comes via the cloud. For many years, the focus had been on physical facilities – colocation sites to data centers – basically anything not associated with the cloud. With so many business functions going to the cloud, it only makes sense that cyber resilience strategies would be included. Choosing the right cloud provider(s) is the key to success here.

When the worst happens and your public cloud service provider is unable to provide the services you pay for, can you jump to another cloud provider and get up and running or did you choose a partner that locked you in and doesn’t provide the tools necessary to make that kind of transfer? Being cyber resilient must include working around the worst-case-scenarios, so all options have to be on the table.

Written Plans

Being able to adapt, and quickly, is a major need today. Every team member must be supported, their applications secure, and their data available at all times. The highly digitized workplace can have it no other way. Even while technical difficulties are experienced, planned or unplanned, there needs to be a strategy for how employees can carry on with as little downtime as possible.

Go back and look at some risk management protocols for a refresher on how to approach data availability. For example, one calls for the need to write out the plan for restoring operations via a different facility. This is something that can help you if you have a major hardware or software failure. You should also write out your plan for restoring applications. These are all part of a business continuity plan that works short term to keep you running.

Third Party Assistance

Gaining access to the tech you need to thrive in any situation requires a trusted leader of business integrity tools. At Hudson Technology Partners, we bring experience and professionalism to our customers and help determine the best possible solutions, choosing technology that is a custom fit for cost-effective and efficient workflow. With a vast network of seasoned professionals at our fingertips, we can laser focus on our clients and create business growth through implementing the most appropriate technology. Contact us and find out more about our approach to cyber resilience.