Managed mobility can help you track security and maintenance on devices.

Three Benefits of Managed Mobility Services

It’s hard to imagine life without mobile devices, from personal use to corporate. They not only allow your team to work anywhere, but also to seamlessly shift between work and home tasks. But there are a couple of reasons why the complexity of device programs leads businesses to outsource to a managed mobility provider:

  • The Logistics: Developing a device program for a business is completely different from purchasing a personal mobile device. There’s the scale of the purchase itself, plus the necessary configuration before distribution. Following distribution, there’s support, maintenance, and tracking the lifecycle of the device.
  • Knowledge: IT teams are seeing exponentially more devices compared to a decade or two ago, and they may not want to delve into mobile devices on top of the fast-paced skill development needed to keep up with cloud developments. Outsourcing mobility management gives you the benefit of working with a provider that is familiar with what is available and what will be a good match for your needs.

Every managed mobility provider is going to look a bit different, but, generally speaking, they offer technology and support around your mobile devices. These services offer critical benefits to your company:

  1. Support: Mobility management can help you get set up with a mobile device management (MDM) solution that allows you to track devices to keep them properly configured and updated. When a problem arises, your managed mobility provider will offer help desk assistance and work with you to determine whether a repair is needed. They also provide asset management so that you know how many devices you have and who they are assigned to.
  2. End-to-End Consultation: A mobility management provider knows the potential pitfalls that come with different types of mobile device programs and can advise you on the choices that will work best for your company. Particularly when you don’t have an in-house team experienced at launching a mobile device program, this service can be invaluable.

    The provider can also be a resource when it comes to lifecycle management. Whether you choose an MDM with lifecycle management features or require separate tools, these options help you plan ahead, keep accurate inventories, and set aside the necessary budget for replacement devices when necessary.
  3. General Guidance: Companies that head up their own mobility management tend to run into problems around infrastructure, poor user experiences, device issues, or security problems. A good managed services provider can help you anticipate any obstacles or challenges through blueprints that detail each stage of your transition to the program.If you’re considering a managed mobility provider to assist you in rolling out a mobile device program, contact us at Hudson Technology Partners. We can help you determine the right path forward to equip your staff with the tools they need to work from anywhere, anytime.