Cyber security in the hybrid cloud environment has never been more important.

Hybrid Cloud Visibility: Staying Ahead of Cyber Criminals

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for organizations and their management of hardware and software for effectively handling the daily workflow. Most companies have a mixture of IT environment types from private to public clouds to on-premise solutions. Today, the hybrid cloud is not only helping to streamline workflows, but also addressing cyber security issues.

Gartner’s research from 2021 showed that spending on public cloud services grew by a rate of 23% that year. Among the technologies that drive companies toward cloud computing are edge computing and virtualization, among others. Regardless of the push, software as a service (SaaS) has been, and will continue to be, a huge market segment. But what can organizations do to ensure they’re adopting the right solutions for their workflow and cyber security needs?

Responsibility and Security

Maybe you’ve heard of an organization that got burned trying to push their private security controls into public clouds? Too many have made that mistake and paid for it. Rather than try to mold an existing security control around something new, a hybrid approach needs to be considered.

You also have to consider the shared responsibility model that is a major part of cloud computing solutions today. You can get ahead of the game by having a clearly defined operating model for your hybrid cloud system, which makes it easier to track everything and know what security measures are assigned and where.

Maintaining Visibility

The problem that many organizations have is that the more complex their IT environments become, the less visibility they have into them. This represents a big problem, because a lack of visibility means an abundance of open doors that eventually become a cyber security liability.

As more hybrid clouds are established and complexities increase, there are more vulnerabilities for cyber criminals to exploit. This is another reason you should take an abundance of caution while planning the implementation of new technologies. Bringing in your cyber security team on every installation is of paramount importance, because the more they know about endpoints, the better equipped they will be to prevent data breaches and other nefarious activities from outsiders.

Partner With a Professional

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