Cyber security in the hybrid cloud environment has never been more important.

Hybrid Cloud Visibility: Staying Ahead of Cyber Criminals

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for organizations and their management of hardware and software for effectively handling the daily workflow. Most companies have a mixture of IT environment types from private to public clouds to on-premise solutions. Today, the hybrid cloud is not only helping to streamline workflows, but also addressing cyber security issues. Gartner’s […]

UCaaS and CCaaS drive disruptive advances with AI technology in these cloud-based solutions.

How AI Enhances UCaaS and CCaaS

The user experience that companies pursue is being shaped in many ways by social media platforms and smartphone applications. Companies that hold on to legacy solutions can’t possibly meet the fast-changing technology demands of the consumer accustomed to frequent updates and improvements on social platforms and apps. To match the level of user experience on […]